How to register: Please fill out and email the registration form then mail the tuition to Mekorot. Alternatively, you can mail the registration form with your tuition. Timely registration allows Mekorot to prepare adequate source material and seating. Courses are offered subject to advance enrollment.

Fees: Mekorot tuition and registration fees, as well as donations, allow Mekorot to compensate its faculty, and function financially. Donations to the Dr. Shoshana Kurtz Scholarship Fund are welcome to provide scholarship assistance. Thank you for your continued support.

Student rate: Mekorot has a high school and university student rate offering a full year courses at $136 per course and a 50% discount on mini courses.

Scholarships are available, and requests for fee adjustments will be handled confidentially. Please call Mekorot at (416) 877-2050.


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Talmud Bava Metzia $330
Midrash $30
Studies in Genesis $380
Philosopher vs Mystic $55
The Foundations of Prayer $45

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When you have completed the order form please click the submit button and you will be taken to your Course Confirmation. Please print it and send it along with your tuition cheque to the address below within 14 days.

Our refund policy: an administration fee of $15 is charged for refunds. Some courses require minimum attendance and if cancelled, a refund or credit will be provided.

Mekorot Institute of Torah Study for Women
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